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All to know about Africa Read.
Ever been inspired so much to publish your writings only to be met with impossibilities on the market resulting in your resolutions died aborning?

Africa ReadThere is no doubt that access to an affordable book publishing house is very challenging across Africa. Cost involved in acquiring materials needed has being a migraine of financial challenges with little hope of betterment.


Even if issues of cost is resolved, with the inevitable transition into a totally technological world resulting in the youth’s addiction to handy devices such as mobile phones, how many would like to purchase a hard copy book?

This is where Africa Read steps into the gap for you as a young and budding author. Africa Read has taken up the responsibility to bridge the gap between the author and the reader through the use of the internet.

It is the largest digital bookstore in Africa and beyond with a large market to help the author to share his or her intellect with the world and achieve high financial gains.

You are provided with easy steps to self publish your own books.

Service Benefits to The Author

To the author, the following benefits awaits you with Africa Read if you sign up with them:

  • Reduction in cost of publishing hard copy books.
  • You are exposed to a large market, Africa and beyond.
  • You only pay a one time low subscription, and it is for life.
  • Buyers are encouraged to use simple mobile payment modes to buy the eBooks at the comfort
    of their locations.
  • You are given free tutorials on how to better your writing skills on the website.

Benefits to Readers on Africa Read

The reader is not left out. The reader stands to benefit in the following ways:

  • You can buy and read your favorite books without visiting the bookshop.
  • You are granted access to all categories of books.
  • You can buy with your preferred mobile payment system in your country

Service features available to the author

The following tools helps the author to manage his publication: – author dashboard, – self publishing,

– track sales,
– eBook statistics,
– payment methods
– 24/7 live support.

The categories of eBooks available to the reader are:
• Religious literature
• Textbook
• Novels
• Kids
• Thesis
• Magazines
• Business and finance

Africa Read indeed stands efficient as the largest online bookstore in Africa. They really are delivering on the promise, “ Bridging authors and readers.” This is in consonance with their mission to create opportunities for authors and readers to fully utilize the internet in digitizing universal access to storytelling, knowledge sharing, research and education through the art of writing and reading.

Are you an author? Self published your Ebook on Africa Read

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