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How to Make $200 a Day Online as a Poor 15-Year-Old

How to Make $200 a Day Online

Today we’re talking about how to make $200 a day at 15 years old. But really, anyone can do this business can regardless of age. There are a few things you can do when you are 15 years old or however old you are. The only barrier I see with being under age is that, there are affiliate networks out there you won’t be able to create an account with. That is no problem at all because we don’t need them. This article has nothing to do with them. My number one tip for anyone is to start a YouTube channel. We are not just going to make a regular YouTube channel, we will do tricks and tactics that will make you more money per video. I will talk more about that later in the subsequent posts.

Which Niche to Choose

Now the big question is, what are you interested in? maybe it’s spot, gaming. Maybe it’s makeup, maybe it’s working out, maybe it’s dog training. You can do whatever you want, basically. it does not matter as long as you like what you are doing, you could see yourself making YouTube videos about what you enjoy doing. for today’s example, we going to enter making a gaming channel and before you say “so many people are making a gaming channel. isn’t there so much competition?” there is a competition. but that’s a good thing because that’s where the money is at.
How to make $200 a day online
Everyone is watching YouTube videos and let’s say I don’t know everything, but almost 100 or 200 million people or even more watching gaming videos daily. And the thing here is you need tiny percentage of that “pie” – traffic to make $200 a day. but I believe there is a few problems in your mind I get it. There are a few things stopping you right now. You are like… what will my friends think? will anyone listen to a 15-year-old? Am I funny or interesting enough for anyone who watches my stuff? Now let me answer them for you.

Clear the Doubts

What will my friends think of me making YouTube videos? Who cares!? While you are making YouTube videos trying to make an online business, they are studying to get a job. Who wants a Job – having to wake up early, work late hit deadlines, work under a boss you hate, instead you can just chill in your boxers in front of the computer getting paid to play video games or make videos about training workout dog training whatever you want. I really hope you understand that while your friends or your classmate are chewing their pens, you are building a sustainable income for the rest of your life. Also, if you’re 15, you have so much time on your hands. if you make one video per week, that’s fifty-two videos in one year or 260 videos when you are 20. If the videos are good, you don’t even need over 100 or 150 videos.

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Quick Inspiration

Bill Gates said “Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years”. I wish I’d started when I was 15 for sure. If you’re older and thinking of starting, the best time to start is right now.  Will anyone listen to a 15-year-old or however old you are, am I funny or interesting for people to watch my stuff? Absolutely! and here’s why… there is a saying that goes “birds of the same feather flock together” so if you’re a little quirky, if you’re not the most popular kid in the class, it doesn’t matter. There are millions of people that are also quirky and not popular in school so they will relate to you so much more if you’re just being your heart a little while they will relate to you so much more if you be yourself.

How Do I Make More Money with the Regular Videos

Now You are like “I like what you’re saying what about the tricks that can make me more money for every review”. Well, there’s affiliate marketing, and this is where you link someone to a product and when they buy you get a percentage of that sale. Anyone can join the amazon affiliate network where you can link to anything on amazon. For example, if you create a gaming channel you could have tons of links to headphones, keyboards, the mouse you are using, the PC graphics cards you have. If you have a makeup channel, you can link to makeup products, lip sticks, etc. You can type those affiliate links in the description of every video you make and when you get more following, people will buy through your link. That’s one way you can make more money per view. There are way more tips coming you can check out. We will go into more details in the subsequent post. However, if this was interesting to you, should definitely check back. Don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter so you won’t miss nothing.
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  1. i am a 17 year old. i already have a YouTube Channel but driving traffic is my biggest challenge. am looking forward to your next article on that.


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