How to Make Money Online Testing Websites

Hi, today we will learn how to make 60 dollars an hour by just testing websites online. But before we go ahead you want to read this first how to make 200 dollars a day online. With this method anyone can make money from home, at the beach, traveling the world, wherever you want to be. You need a laptop and internet connection. I have written this article to be an in-depth beginner friendly step-by-step method so anyone can follow it. Now let’s get to it.


User Testing is a website that helps big companies like Walmart, Facebook, Airbnb and loads of others test their website. Basically, they test their website to see if it’s intuitive and easy to use and they pay normal people like you and me to test their websites.
so as you can see in the image above you earn around $10 per test. Just visit a webpage or complete the set of tasks speak your thoughts out loud and then get paid $10.


How To Get Started

To get signed up and get started.

1. Enter your email address in the area provided and click on sign me up.

2. After sign-up, login to the email you used and verify your email address.

This website is legit. I searched up user testing – a review on Reddit and a user asked “Is user legit? has anyone tried it and got paid? what’s the catch?”
Someone gave this answer that “it sure is legit. Made a few hundred dollars in 2016 doing it. I really enjoyed it and always receive the 4-5 star and positive feedback and would like to be doing it full time but I only seem to manage 1 or 2 test per week and sometimes nothing at all.” 

What Other Users are Saying on Testing websites

You can read more reviews on Reddit yourself. So you can make $60 in 1 hour just by doing this. There are many people out There including people I thought this method that are getting paid by user testing in his PayPal account. Many people are getting paid. So smile and take today as your supper happy day.

3. Log in to your email used to sign up. You will receive an email from user testing. Open that email and click on “Complete your application”


4. Next, they will ask you to download screen recorder for you to record your screen and talk into a microphone you have in your headphones or you can talk into. for example your apple earbuds or anything like that.

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Download the screen recorder software which will walk you through the test recording session and upload it to their server.


5. Aftar download, run and install.

When that’s done, click continue as shown below.

On the next page (Shown below) we can see “applicant’s sample”. This is a sample video to show you what exactly you will be doing. Note they will check your quality of your video and so forth.

Testing Websites

Practice Makes perfect

Now Take your time and watch that sample video. If you follow the outlined steps, this should be simple.

Next you will try to do this video as well so click the button below to open screen recording software. Click on “Launch Recorder”

To make sure you produce quality sound, you will need to find a quiet place and make sure no one else is with you.
The rest is just simple as said earlier. You need not do anything else just continue to speak your thoughts out loud. try to complete a task. In fact, you don’t even need to complete the task you need to continue to speak and speak your thoughts out loud.

When done recording, just write what specifically made it easy or difficult for you to find what you’re looking for and write something like that by answering the question user testing pose.
Upload your work. When it’s successful, you will see a thank you screen thanking you for completing the sample test trial.  And asking you to keep your eye on your Inbox. Now the only thing we have to do is just wait for them to send us an email and we will get tasks you need to complete in our email Inbox and that it.


There are many people making hundreds of dollars a week just doing this simple method of testing website and basically just speaking their own mind and sharing the own thoughts and that’s why this is so great because if you don’t have a lot of time you can do some of these tasks and you will get paid from working from home. The only problem I see with this method is that you have to rely on getting the jobs. I imagine that There are only a few participants to test websites. it might be a little dry. However, it’s cool if you are trying to make a few hundreds of dollars per week.

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