Make Money With Affiliate Marketing: How to Build $300 Daily Income

Making money with affiliate marketing is easy. No, I’m not even kidding. Stay tuned and I’ll teach you how to make at least three hundred dollars a day or more.
Make money with affiliate marketing
Today I want to talk to you about exactly how to make 300 dollars a day or more with affiliate marketing. So, if we want to get to our three hundred dollars range we want to talk about how affiliate marketing works. Now many people out there will say you need to go to social media. You need to do Facebook. You need to do videos, you’ve got to have good sales copy, you’ve got to have all this stuff and everything. And that’s what makes people overwhelmed. But if we keep it simple and we focus on three hundred dollars a day Make money with affiliate marketing. I will show you exactly how to get it because right now did you know that people are running banner ads directly to Click Bank offers and making three hundred dollars a day or more? Did you know that people are setting up simple little images on Pinterest sending people to affiliate offers and making three hundred dollars a day or more? Did you know that people are making 300 dollars a day or more giving away little toolbars like Bible toolbars and things like that for free? And they’re making a lot. So, let’s talk about how to do it. First, let’s look at direct link. direct to LinkedIn is the idea and the practice of linking it directly.


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Traffic Source

Right. Who thought so linking directly means you are taking your traffic source. OK. We’ll put a traffic source and you are sending them directly to an affiliate Offer. All right. So what that means is that you go to Click Bank or you go to the affiliate network or you go to Amazon and get an affiliate link and you take your traffic source whether it’s Google Ad Words whether it’s Pinterest whether it’s YouTube whether it’s social media Facebook whatever and you are taking what’s called a rally or a direct link. You’re taking them from the traffic source and sending them to the affiliate offer. Now this is good. It’s easy. Many people do it. But.
What happens is you lose touch with the sales process? OK, very important. So. If you’re promoting something on Click Bank perhaps it’s like How To Lose Weight Fast and you have a bunch of people who want to get like ripped. Then you missed a bunch of people right because their sales copy is only about this certain thing. So what happens is you’re not able to sell those people? So what I like to do is I like to intersect.


How to Intersect Them.

To do this, you need what we call a landing page. A landing page is a page that people enjoy on and is simple. So, they go from your traffic source and instead of going direct to the affiliate offer they now go to your landing page and then the landing page sends them to the affiliate offer. Why is this good? Because now you don’t get traffic. So instead of sending people directly to the affiliate offer and hoping that the affiliate guy closes the deal and losing like ninety-nine percent of your traffic, what you’re doing is you’re capturing them, working on the sales process and making things better.
Now you can do these in different ways. I’ve done this in as little as 20 minutes, I’ve set up a little blog in 20 minutes with pictures of little Bibles. People were typing in stuff like read Bible online, download the Bible, Bible verses and things like that. And what I did is I set up a simple one-page website blog with pictures of little Bibles. What I do is, I said hey download the NIV version, download the King James Version, download the new king James, download the ASV, download this version, and I had all the versions. And what happened is the traffic came in. They went to my site. They clicked on the version they wanted and my downloads skyrocket. I was making as much as five hundred dollars a day with this one offer.


One little site 20 minutes to set up. Five hundred bucks a day. Cool. Now I can also get into list building and everything like that, but this is the simple way to make money with affiliate marketing you find affiliate offers and you focus on your traffic source. Now your traffic source I like Google ad words. many people are talking about all kinds of different traffic sources but 4 million people every minute are still searching google. That’s enough for you to make 500 dollars day 300 dollars a day or 50 thousand dollars a day. That’s many people searching google. So, what I do is I focus on keywords people search for. Perhaps they’re searching for how to resurface a blackboard. Maybe they’re searching for Bibles. They are searching for how to get a six-pack abs which I should probably work on. Meet me in the next.