Make money testing website online is a market that is increasing day by day by thousands of dollars. I will show you how you can step into that market and make a ton of money for yourself.

I wrote an article about User testing. it’s a fast growing platform. User testing gives you 10 dollars per test where you visit websites or app, you complete a set of tasks speaking your thoughts out loud and then you get paid ten dollars. And that’s really all there is to it. You get paid ten dollars.

Alternative to User Testing.

But I’m not here to talk about UserTesting because they have many people coming into this platform. So it’s very difficult for you to get in on UserTesting and get tests where you can test the website. What am talking about today is You probably already know what Fiverr is.
Look for programming and Tech category and go to user testing.
make money testing website
There are many people selling user testing services. Here, you can start a service yourself and get paid to test websites and apps. As you can see in the screenshot below; examples of user testing service people like you are selling. If this is your first time on Fiverr, you can search for the category you want to sell for and check out how your competitors put their descriptions and message and do similar Some examples are as follows;

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make money testing websiteI will review one to two pages of your site, can be any pages you wish and answer questions you have. That’s the five-dollar package and the ten-dollar package, he would do a standard Website Review where he has a screen recording of seven minutes. Easy. And also he will cover in-depth scenarios such as user onboarding dashboards plus also test on mobile devices. This is the more inclusive package which he then sells for 30 dollars.
make money testing website
And you can do this. There is no reason you cannot make this service yourself and test other people’s Web sites to see if they’re compatible, to see if they’re intuitive, to make sure that every single page on their website is easy to understand and optimized for many people to go into them. Now this is one of the best examples I could find in this category of user testing.

Why User Testing?

What you don’t want to do is to write a website PDF written review. You want to have a service where you film yourself and record your screen and then you talk out loud while you go through a list of tasks that the client wants you to go through. So basically they will probably ask you.. hey we want you to buy a mobile phone maybe and then you go up to the top you go to mobile phones and then you’d click on a phone and then basically just go through the process and you talk out loud while you’re doing it. This is simple. And you can do this completely for free with a software called OBSS.

How to Record Your screen

OBSS is Open Broadcaster Software and you can download this free. You can have your webcam right on the side. If you don’t have a laptop and the only thing you have is a mobile phone, you can use an app called DU recorder screen video editor. you can get for both Android and for iPhone. So you can basically just film your screen like so and you can record yourself talking into a phone basically via your apple earbuds or anything like that. you can just talk into your phone as well because it has inbuilt microphone. that’s literally all you have to do. You can use Open Broadcaster Software or you can use DU recorder on Android and iOS and you start a Fiverr gig where you review client sites. That’s all you have to do.

How to Create Seller Account on Fiverr

Now go up to the top of the Fiverr page and click on “become a seller”. Write what service you going to offer and make a few packages of five dollars, ten dollars or 30 dollars. I would suggest a low ball everyone that’s on Fiverr because like I’ve said before you need those reviews. You want to have a very low price and also a premium offer. So basically you’re better than everyone but you’re charging less. That means you will get reviews fast. And once you get reviews, you can increase your price. People look at others to see what they will do themselves. So having those reviews is very important for your Fiverr gig and you got to remember that all the five star sellers you see there started with a lower price and once they got reviews, they increased the price.

Why Do Website Owners Want Your Reviews?

People who want their website or app tested don’t have to go through another company. If you have a website right now and you were to go through user testing, it would cost you $45 per test. This one is really way cheaper than the alternative which is user testing.


This is the reason many people are coming to fiver looking at who’s the authority in user testing and then they buy their services because Web sites are popping up left and right. People want to go into e-commerce. People want to go into shop people want their own Web sites they want their own services. And since everything is moving online, they really want to have the user testing everywhere. So this is how you can go into an increasing market and take your share of this market and make money testing website. Don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter. I will see you in the next one.