Mistakes Most Young People Make

Mistakes Most Young People Make and Regret it Later

If something excites you too much, it is likely something is probably wrong about it. Adolescence and early adulthood are just too exciting. Part of the reason most of us make several mistakes at this stage of our life.

In this article, I will be sharing with you mistakes most young people make and regret it later. If you are still young, you still have time to correct some of these mistakes. It’s never too late. if you’re new here consider subscribing so that you will miss all the interesting videos like this mistake


Young People Spend Money on Trivial Things

Most young people want to have fun. They want to enjoy their life. They look at others and want to be like them, buy what they buy and live the way they do. Young people are more likely to run after fashion, style, fun and other “flashy” stuff. There’s nothing bad in being fashionable and buying latest iPhone, except it’s making you poorer. As a young person, your primary assignment should be to build a solid financial foundation for your life. To do this, you have to have the habit of saving and learning about investing. You can buy everything and anything your heart desires but that’s after you have built wealth. I know that’s an ugly advice for anyone at 20 until you are 50 and know what it means to be broke.

Young People Think Schooling is Enough to Get Rich

Maybe this isn’t their fault. Actually, maybe we should blame the Society for this. You see, your education actually truly starts the day you leave school. You may not like to hear this but it’s the truth. The real world is very different from the four walls of the Classroom. Successful people are people who learn daily. Even two decades after they’ve left school. Unfortunately, most of us stop learning the day we leave school and that’s a big mistake that leads to poverty and unfulfilled life. Read good books, listen to Good audio programs. School doesn’t teach you much things as you would like to believe.

Young People Tend to Give Up Easily

Mistakes Most Young People MakeIt is so easy to just quit when something feels too hard. The idea of giving up what you’re doing to just try something else can be the easier option sometimes. It might be that you don’t like what you’re doing but the biggest mistake you can make sometimes is to give up. Pushing through the hard times is what makes us stronger and well-rounded person. When things start getting a little tough, don’t take the easy way out. Keep on pushing through and you just might surprise yourself. When you work through something tough and come out the other side, there is no better feeling.

Young People Do Accept Whatever They Hear and Believe Anything

young people are people with great minds and full of opinion but they will rarely challenge what they hear from older people. Youth should be a time of learning but also questioning what you’re told and even get deeper into your own best thoughts and points of view. Experience may lead you to discover that issues that seem black and white are actually many shades of grey. Age doesn’t necessarily come with wisdom and many young people too easily accept what they hear from older Generations. Following your instinct can take you a long way if you know how to follow it well.

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Young People Invest Without Research

Reading and hearing stories of people who have made millions investing on the stock market can make it very tempting to give it a go yourself but don’t do that. Investing can be a very rewarding thing but it’s not as easy as just throwing your money away on random shares. As a young person, you need to do some research. If you invest wrongly, it can mean you lose a lot more than you put in. If you’re truly want to master investing, the best way to go about it is to study some really good books on that subject. Taking time to read 10 good books about stock market or real estate can save you from unnecessary headache that comes with using your hard-earned investment.

Young People Always Want Instant Gratification

Maybe this is one of the biggest mistakes most young people make. Young people today are under great pressure to establish a successful career as soon as possible, to find the perfect partner at the earliest opportunity and most importantly to enjoy themselves right here and now. They always want everything now and that usually leads them to unnecessary shortcuts, debt and unhappy future.

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Most Young People Don’t Save Money

Mistakes Most Young People MakeA recent survey of 1003 people from Bank rate found that 69% of those ages 18 to 29 had no retirement savings at all. Your retirement may seem far off but you’re doing yourself a major disservice if you don’t recognize the importance of saving as soon as possible. You shouldn’t only save for your retirement. You should save for investment and also for emergencies. it’s hard to save when all your mates are buying new stuff but if you think you have a better future than theirs, you’ll be disciplined enough to save.

Young People Think That Love Alone Is Enough to Sustain A Relationship

Mistakes Most Young People Makelove is undoubtedly a key ingredient in making a relationship work. However, it is not sufficient. It is possible to be very much in love with someone yet you realize the two of you are fundamentally incompatible. The best relationships are based not on romantic love but on shared values, dreams and goals. Communication skills and the ability to argue without hurting one another for the sake of it are also vital. Since choosing a life partner is an important decision you have to make at your twenties, knowing the truth will help you. Long-lasting relationships is about love but not just that. Your partner must share a significant part of your values, goals and aspirations or else you wouldn’t lust together.

Young People Try to Please Everyone

When you’re starting out as a teenager in your early career, it can seem natural to want to be on friendly terms with your boss, clients and all of your schoolmates. It may be disappointed when you find out that some of them simply don’t like you and you’re starting to blend in to fit in to their expectations. This is one of the big mistakes most young people make because there’s no formula that guarantees that everyone will like you. You must learn how to deal with haters…it’s very important.

Young People Blame Their Parents for Their Misfortune

I am very sorry; your parents owe you nothing. They invited you to this world yes, but they probably have done the best they know. If you think their best is not good enough, Friend, get out and fix your life.  it’s your life and you’re the only one who is responsible. Your failure or success is yours and not your parents’.

Summary | Mistakes Most Young People Make

In summarizing mistakes most young people make, these are the key points: Delay gratification. Don’t buy things because everyone is doing so. Learn how to save for investment and retirement purpose. Don’t believe everything, ask questions and challenge status Quo. Don’t fall in love because of love alone… think about values and compatibility. Don’t think you are educated because you have degrees. Learn every day. try things and don’t give up easily. Don’t blame your parents or government for your failure. Take responsibility.

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