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Online College Courses Make Our Universities Obsolete

Online College Courses Are making Universities old for high-cost structures and tuition? What great is getting a degree in the event that it is monetarily oppresses you for 10 years or more? What great are degrees for which there are no occupations or career way?. Picking up something for learning is extraordinary, however that is an extravagance, not a reasonable career opportunity.

On the off chance that the cost structures for the colleges descended so too could the tuition costs – why have enormous structures and each one of those offices if you can show similar courses online?.


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There was a fascinating article on April 6, 2014 in the Ventura County (California) Star Newspaper titled; “Business Degree Going Online – CSU Channel Islands to Offer Program in Fall,” by Jean Cowden Moore which noticed that the California State University set up the class to help single guardians while achieving class would be a hardship or military workforce that can not get the opportunity to class because of their service.

Additional understudies would incorporate career businessmen that can not set aside the effort to get to the college however need to get their business degree regardless of whether they had not yet finished it, maybe a couple of units short. The cost would be $400 per unit.

Online College Courses Vs Universities  – Cost

Discussion about a high overall revenue, the whole class is on the web. Get this – there is a sitting tight rundown for these online classes they will offer to once in a while 100 that qualify. uncommonly for requirements and conditions. This is the start folks.

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The cost per unit will descend, and more classes offered. Truly, for what reason would anybody need to go to the college or any college?. Think, if we had such classes accessible to everybody, that $400 per unit class could be more under the Udemy Online University site. Udemy classes begin at $20 to $40.00 and you get a similar data and no stresses over satisfying college obligation upwards of $ 50,000 or more. It is for this shear reason that the eventual fate of Universities is in peril. Soon the air pocket will blast as the understudy loan default rate hits half and 1.5 Trillion Dollars exceptional. That is the way we are on.

Congress is discussing a Student Loan bailout of $108 Billion. This would not fix the present issue totally. What we have now is a runaway monetary rise in the understudy loan space, which quitting funny business. It would be ideal if you think on this.