safe cryptocurrency trade

Safe cryptocurrency Trade Measures: How to trade cryptocurrency safely

Safe cryptocurrency Trade: The quest to make money and make it fast is no strange thing among us especially in this fast-paced world. So, any venture that dares promises good returns is hopped on and held on to as though it be the last straw to hook with in a drowning state.

It is hereby for this fact that cryptocurrency trade has seen a massive patronage over the past few years. Some people have made overnight wealth out of it and this has encouraged and pushed the masses to have great interest in patronizing the digital gold trade of today.


It is obvious and of no doubt for people to have such burning desire to dare trade judging from the profitability statistics as outlined below.

Bitcoin Return on Investment by Year

Year Return On Investment (ROI)
2011 1420%
2012 164%
2013 5429%
2015 57%
2016 36%
2017 1291%
2018 -72%
2019 -84%

From the percentages above one can easily deduce that if a person spent about $230.00 on bitcoin in 2013, that person will have a massive 3800%+ return on investment today. what a leap!!!!

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Despite these bright sides, some others have wounded bitterly. there are stories told of devastating experiences that a lot have gone through just by daring to invest in crypto. people have lost woefully to the collapse of their businesses and homes. and many have not been able to recover from the penury it has brought them as at today.

So the question is, if the venture is this profitable, as analyzed early on, how come it could bring about such losses.

The next question one may ask is that, what safety precautions can be taken to do away with or minimize heart breaking losses.

You may also want to ask, “can I be part of those that make good profits and how.”

Obviously yes, the figures of the crypto industry speak for itself that profitability is real.

Journey with me to my next post let me show you how to trade in safety without devastating wounds and make this profitability your reality too.

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